Contact Center Services Scope in 2022

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Call Center Industry is Growing?

Call center industry graphs have been growing and trending over the past two decades. It served customers very efficiently with the convenience of a phone. Industries, such as Banks, Mobile Operators, Airlines, and even small businesses had to develop a sales, customer service & support department including a call center.

Many were outbound, for sales, and others provided inbound sales & support services. Over the period of time and technology upgrades, many call centers were shifted off-shore to India, the Philippines, Pakistan, and other developing countries in order to save cost.

This gave an opportunity to BPOs, who offered to outsource complete operation, thus, the company can focus on their core operation. While professional service providers can do their jobs to provide the best customer experience.

Call Center Technology Trends

However; as the trends change over the period of time, call center trends have changed as well and it is not just phone calls anymore but a lot more than a simple phone call. It has become a complete contact center with features of phone calls, live agents, chatbots, and social media

The term coined as omnichannel refers to a complete set of all these features. Organizations that are working toward Customer experience and upgrading them as per customers’ highly growing expectations tend to stay more favorable than those who have failed to understand and upgrade their system.

Customers wish for convenience, some are comfortable with the traditional service of having direct interaction by phone or chat, and some may prefer the time-saving option and like to use an automated IVR and chatbot or simple post on social media such as Twitter or Facebook chat.

An organization that can simultaneously provide all these channels for communication has more chances of offering a pleasant Customer experience during the complete customer journey.

How does Call Center Technology Reduce Errors?

Adoption of the latest technology to keep up with customers’ expectations and process automation to speed up, and reduce errors and cost has not only become eliminable but imperative.

This is why most present-day Contact center software has to provide state-of-art solutions that include all methods of communications, phone calls, IVR-based calls, Live chat, chatbots, social media connectors, and even a ticketing system to track general queries and support issues.

Gadgets like Whatsapp, Facebook chat, or support on Twitter are being adopted by organizations for the convenient reach of their clients. Solution providers in addition are providing connectors or integration with social media.

Call Center Services to Manage Communication

By connecting customer-facing functions (sales, marketing, and customer service), data gets shared across departments. This gives businesses a holistic view of each customer, enabling someone to reach out using their favorite social media channel, for example, and continue discussing that same issue at a later time over live chat on the company website β€” without having to explain their situation over again or repeat important details.

Omnichannel Services

A contact center solution without Omnichannel and all other communication channels can now be considered obsolete. If your organization is considering building an in-house contact center, you need to make sure the contact center software you are opting for has these features or is capable of integrating with different mediums.

There are many open source call center solutions that are integrated with 3rd party chat software and software, one of the most commonly used systems is Vicidial, which is based on the Asterisk engine.

Both Asterisk and Vicidial are open source with a very supportive community and are flexible for customization. Others are mostly proprietary such as Five9, Avaya, Cisco call manager, Genesys, and many others.

Genesys and Twillio are also good omnichannel solutions, which include live chat, social media, SMS, and AI-based bots. Vicidial however; does not have in-built omnichannel features, but since it is one that is very flexible to customize and integrate with 3rd party software, we can add to it many other omnichannel solutions.

No doubt, Vicidial started with only one major feature which was the predictive dialer, sin syn it has adopted many features thanks to its extensive community.

How SynTech Solutions Helped?

SyncTech Solutions have helped many organizations to automate their business processes in contact centers, along with automation of sales and marketing.

Work process automation must be adopted to reduce time, cost, and Human resources and improve efficiency. By letting the system for you, an organization can have their teams focus more on their core jobs and get more sales done for your business.

SyncTech Unified Communication System can contact center solution along with integrated CRM can help you grow your business by giving you a tool to monitor your staff performance and increase performance and efficiency by letting automation work for you more than ever. Using the right tools for your contact center automation can:

  • Reduce Average Handle Time (AHT)
  • Improve customer experience
  • Simplify agent experience
  • Lower Cost
  • Improve overall efficiency
  • Better monitoring
  • Better and extensive reporting

Now choosing the right solution that fits your needs is an art. There are a few important things you need to consider before opting for any solution.

  1. What Is Your Requirement

First thing is that you need to understand your own requirement. Are your call center inbound, outbound, or blended? Is it in-house for your own business or are you a BPO service provider offering call center outsourcing and would it be off-shore or not?

  1. Omni Channel Requirement

If you will be engaging customers through social media, email, chat, or any other channel, you will want to make sure your software is capable of allowing you a blended customer experience across different channels.

  1. Monitoring & Reporting

When choosing your contact center software, you need to make sure it has tools to monitor your agent’s performance live or record an option to coach them. It should have detailed reports, which later will help you in your BI.

  1. Integration and Customization Capabilities

It would be an astute decision to choose software that is flexible to allow integration of 3rd party software line additional modules or CRM and have the capability of customization to fit your expected needs.

  1. Data Protection and System Security

You would be storing a lot of customer information. It would be wise that you check prior to finalizing your contact center software that if has whether it has fair data protection and system security capability or can be protected by 3rd party systems like firewalls and other software that would ensure customer data protection.

  1. Scalability

Best software suits are the ones that are scalable and can grow as your business grows. Most proprietary software base solution is scalable with additional licensing cost. SyncTech call center suite is an open-source but very reliable and secure solution.

  1. Price

Price is one of the most important factors that you need to take into consideration. Most of the solutions had expensive recurring licensing fees and deployment costs. You may want to look into the ones that fulfill your requirement initially and can handle growth and additional feature which may be required later.

Experience the best call center technology of Syntech Solutions and grow your business with us.

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