Asterisk Training


We believe in transferring knowledge that is practical and provides hand-on professional grasp on the areas covered in our Training packages.

Its a course specifically designed to provide hands-on knowledge of setting up of PBX based on Asterisk.

Course Outline:

  • Basic Linux
  • Asterisk Fundamentals
  • Asterisk Architecture
  • SIP Channels
  • SIP for Asterisk
  • PSTN & VoIP Connections
  • ZAPATA Channels
  • IAX Channels
  • Voicemail
  • Dial Plan

This course cover all the relevant information for the Asterisk based Call Center Suite of any size.

Course Outline:

  • Call Center Suite Manager Overview
  • Installation & configuration of Asterisk
  • Routing set-up
  • Inbound set-up
  • Outbound Campaign set-up
  • Admin set-up
  • Agent set-up
  • PD Campaign set-up
  • Tracing & Troubleshooting

Learn how Asterisk provides integration with the PSTN, the IAX2 and SIP channels for VoIP telephony.

Course Outline:

  • VoIP overview
  • Introduction to VoIP PBX systems
  • Comparing Asterisk with other VoIP PBX systems
  • SIP
  • Quality of Service
  • VoIP PBX features
  • VoIP infrastructure
  • LAN to PSTN gateways