Unified Communication system

UCIn today’s era communication is the key to any business. Our Unified Communication (UC) system is a affordable and reliable solution to all your communication needs. SyncTech’s UC system is an integrated system of multiple application specialized for all type of communication needs. Asterisk is core part of UC for all type of voice related communication.

Having cumulative experience in open source voice solutions for IP Telephony and communication Applications, SyncTech can provide solutions to best fit industry’s needs and at the same time saving cost with GPL licensed software.

We use combination of opensource software, be it voice solution or other forms of communication, like email, IM, live chat for sales or customer support, telepresence (video conferencing) and even mobility. Taking benefit of opensource flexibility, our systems can be integrated with your existing application.


Asterisk is one of the most popular IP telephony software being used around the glob. It’s best features are flexibility .


IVR systems hugely reduce customer call handling costs. IVR systems allows you to record a message that is played when a customer presses the appropriate number on the phone keypad.

Host / Virtual PABX- A cloud IP PBX system

Hosted PABX or Virtual PABX is a cost saving cloud based solution with complete IP PBX feature hosted and managed by the company. 

Hosted Call Center Solution

Hosted call center solution where customer or an organization can experience with inbound, outbound, and voice-based self-service customer interactions are handled.

Robocall – Automated Pre-Recorded Call

Robocall is an auto generator call with pre-recorded voice. It is normally used for political campaigns, surveys, general announcement. 

Call Center Solution

Vicidial, most widely used call center suit. Uncountable features and flexibility is what catches customers interest.