Make automatic call to large number of people

Robocall – Automated pre-recorded call

We make one Robot makes thousands of your call at once!

How about delivering massage to huge number of people and saving tremendous about of money by using robocall making Automated call using pre-recorded IVR?

Robocall is an auto generator call with pre-recorded voice. It is normally used for political campaigns, surveys, general announcement SyncTect Robocall does not only deliver massages, but it also can take feedback via IVR and provide reports. We offer in house solution for you to completely manage your automated calls or let SyncTech manage the calls and you only manage your campaign through our portal.
Make automatic call to large number of people

Robocall Increases your revenue through Automated call using pre-recorded IVR!

  • Call your entire list at once
  • Send auto emergency alerts
  • Remind customer for due dates
  • Confirm doctors appointment by “press 1” option
  • Collect data using dial pad options